Trussville, AL

Bio: I am a US veteran who has been through it all. For years my main goal was to find a career that I could make good money and eventually retire at. Not too long ago I got laid off with out early notice at my last job and I was having trouble getting them to send me my last 2 checks, this was a 100% commission job if that says anything. I was sending out job applications for days, which ended up with me sending 33 in total! I finally got a call for an interview and I was so happy because I was broke. On my way to the interview my car broke down and I had to pay $65 to have it towed which left me with $4 cash and $17 in my bank account. With no car there was no way I was gonna be able to get a job or even get to an interview. I was so upset and later that day my phone rang. It was a woman who was responding to my online job application. She said she was interested in interviewing me for the position I told her that I didn't have a car and she said that was fine, we could do it over the phone. I told her if I get the job I don't know when I will be able to start work because of my car. She said, "do you have a computer?" "and I see that you have a phone so, you are good!" She told me that job could be worked from home. I was skeptical b/c I've heard people say there are a lot of work at home jobs where you don't make money. She gave me details of the job and I became very interested fast. She told me I would have to be trained and I was thinking man this is gonna take too much time to train when I need money NOW! She told me we would start it today and it only took a few hours and I'd be trained. I started getting a little skeptical again , but I was so desperate I really didn't have any other options and all my bills were past due. So, I started the training and after 2 hours I was ready to start working. I had been interviewed, orientated to the job, trained, and was ready to work all in a matter of 3 hours or so. That was my 1st day of work. Now on my 2nd day of work I made $120 and it went directly to my bank account. You have other choices in which you can receive your pay like paypal, you can have it mailed to you, or the quickest way is direct deposit. I chose direct deposit because I needed it fast so I could pay my bills. Now my 3rd day I made $200 and each day it increased. Once I made my 1st $600 I had to do a 1099 for taxes. I have made more money at this job than any other job I've worked in my life and I am never stopping this job. I'll work this when I am an old lady and be dancing with my walker while I look at my bank account. Plus soon I'll be able to take care of my family. I got 2 of my family members to do this and they are making good money as well. I honestly think that The Lord Jesus Christ helped me find this miracle. I want to find everyone who needs help financially, wants a different job, is a stay at home parent, or is a senior citizen who our government isn't taking care of. Everyone else jump aboard and email me at amac1816@gmail.com or call or text me at (205)777-7733 God Bless, Amber Nicholas

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